The Ministers

Ministers are the anonymous members of the Brute Force Committee. Working in the shadows, they pull the strings and thicken the plots to get s(h)tuff done.

Mario Baker

Mario Baker

At the head of the BFC is Da Chief, Mario Baker. Mario is the one who makes sure things get done, and done right. If you ever have a problem, or need to make something crazy happen, get in touch with Mario.

Mario's Ass

Mario's Ass

Second in command of Mario's Bakery, and organizer of BEvERage and Food Committee events throughout the year. This Minister is also responsible for cleaning up after an event: touching up the paint job, destroying the evidence, and posting bail.

The Ministers of:

A Minister of the BFC
The Minister of Alternating Ambitions

Alternating Ambitions

Legend has it that throughout history, many people have been mysteriously swayed by an unknown presence... they all remember the color blue.

The Minister of A(s)sa(u)lt & Battery

A(s)sa(u)lt & Battery

Ladies say this Minister leaves a tingle on the tongue.

The Minister of Audacious Ventures

Audacious Ventures

Bitcoin wallet address:


You know what to do.

The Minister of Biological Wellfare

Biological Wellfare

The common cold doesn't exist: at any given time, you simply either lack or have "The Warm" that this Minister provides.

The Minister of Braking And Exiting

B(r)aking And Exiting

If Stein's is the china shop, this Minister is the bull.

The Minister of (Dis)graceful Ten(d)ancies

(Dis)graceful Ten(d)ancies

Toronto’s housing crisis has hit its “danger point,” critics say.

The Minister of Hammer & Cycles

Hammer & Cycles

The only thing this Minister's bike has to lose is its chain.

The Minister of Loving Embraces

Loving Embraces

This Minister has a Master’s degree in erotic asphyxiation.

The Minister of Low-Hanging-Fruit

Low-Hanging Fruit

This Minister is crowd-funded by many, but used by very few.

The Minister of Money $hot$

Money $hot$

Rollin’ in the dough – taking shots as they go.

The Minister of Nautical Nonsense

Nautical Nonsense

This Minister cost BP $65 Billion.

The Minister of Pour Timing

Pour Timing

Happy hour is the only thing this Minister arrives on time for.

The Minister of Powerful Hits

Powerful Hits

This Minister made it big in the 80s rock scene for a while, but their success dried up and now here they are. Gotta pay the bills somehow.

The Minister of Shock & (Dr)aw

Shock & (Dr)aw

This Minister's creativity strikes like lightning.

The Minister of Sleep 'N' Slides

Sleep 'N' Slides

There is no such thing as too much lubricant.

The Minister of Thrills, Drills, & Chills

Thrills, Drills, & Chills

This Minister will send shivers down your spine.